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Our Purpose

We exist to make the communities where we live and work safer.

Our Standards of Excellence

No one is more responsive than us

When a client has a problem, we respond immediately

We are ambassadors

Everything we do reflects our clients, our company, and ourselves.

We do things the right way

We don't walk by problems. This is equally true for our clients and our employees.

We buy the bike

We take care of each other the way family should. Ask us about the story behind this standard.

We seek to improve everyday no matter how small

Constantly seeking improvement leads to consistently better quality.

We fill the shift

It's hard to be excellent if you don't show up. We are passionate about filling shifts.


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Daniel H. Truex

Chief Executive Officer

Dan has served as the CEO for GuardLogic since 2019, previously serving as the CEO for Aegis Security and Investigations.  During his tenure the company has grown rapidly and was recently listed as one of the fastest growing companies on the Inc. 5000 list for 2022.  Dan has an extensive background in the security industry and has spent decades serving in law enforcement and the military.  Dan’s vision for GuardLogic is to change the reputation of unarmed security. 


Marcus J. Sell

Chief Financial Officer

Marcus serves as the CFO for GuardLogic and oversees the logistical processes for the company.  The continued growth of these processes has let the company ensure quality at scale and gives clients the peace of mind they've come to expect.  Although Marcus spends most of his time with numbers and spreadsheets, he believes the greatest capital is undoubtedly found in the members of the GuardLogic family.  

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