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  • Tired of wondering what your security officers are doing or what you’re even paying for?
    We provide you access to our internal systems that allow you to see, in real time, where your security team is, review reports, and keep your finger on the pulse of your security program. Of course, what we do goes far beyond that. We provide you with a regular analytics report that lets you see the primary issues you face and how we are altering our security program to improve our response to those same issues. We build out custom SOPs that are actually usable by our Officers and make sure that the tasks that need to get done, get done. We have a unique training program that is unlike any other in the industry and focuses on teaching our people the fundamentals, not just on-the-job training like so many of our competitors default to.
  • Tired of unfilled shifts and staffing issues?
    We fill every shift, even if it means a member of management must fill it. Everyone is facing challenges in hiring and staffing in today’s economy. We face the same challenges, so how are we any different? We put more time and effort into our hiring process. We work extremely hard to make sure we fill every shift and to do this it means we are going to put more time, effort, and energy to hire and retain the best candidates. We have the most extensive hiring process in the industry. We treat our Officers like family. We make sure they have the tools, training, and oversight to do their job and this means you have a security staff that actually solves issues, protects your people and property, and constantly works to improve.
  • Tired of never seeing management on site or never getting a response when you have an issue?
    One of the first things we do, even before we start with you, is provide you with a single point of contact, to include a personal cell phone number. When you have a problem, you don’t have to worry about who to call or work through a convoluted phone messaging system. You call that person, and they fix your issue; it’s as simple as that. We aren’t perfect, but no one is more responsive than us. You aren’t paying a security company to create issues or put more work on your plate. When you have a problem, it becomes our problem.
  • Worried about how the transition from your current provider to GuardLogic will go?
    We are experienced at taking over a variety of locations from other security providers. We make this process pain free for you. We communicate regularly on the status of every aspect of the transition. Over the years we have faced a lot of unique challenges during transitions, from other security companies pulling their people early to actively working against the transition. While these can be stressful, it’s our stress. We work with you to both communicate issues and solve the problem. We believe in doing things the right way, and that means it’s our problem to solve, not yours.
  • Are these just words on a website?
    We get it. A lot of companies will tell you anything to get your business and then fail to follow up on what they say. As we’ve already said, we aren’t perfect. Because of that, we work extremely hard to improve every day, no matter how small. It’s one of our Standards of Excellence. There’s a reason we’re in the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies for 2022 and 2023. It’s because of the quality of service we provide, the quality of our people, and the quality of our approach. We are like no other security company out there. We provide real security by pairing great people with real analytics to build out a custom program for you that focuses on constantly improving.

Our Purpose

We exist to make the communities where we live and work safer.

Our Standards of Excellence

No one is more responsive than us

When a client has a problem, we respond immediately.

We are ambassadors

Everything we do reflects our clients, our company, and ourselves.

We do things the right way

We don't walk by problems. This is equally true for our clients and our employees.

We buy the bike

We take care of each other the way family should. Ask us about the story behind this standard.

We seek to improve everyday no matter how small

Constantly seeking improvement leads to consistently better quality.

We fill the shift

It's hard to be excellent if you don't show up. We are passionate about filling shifts.

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Daniel H. Truex

Chief Executive Officer

Dan has served as the CEO for GuardLogic since 2019, previously serving as the CEO for Aegis Security and Investigations.  During his tenure the company has grown rapidly and has been named as one of the fastest growing companies on the Inc. 5000 list for 2022 and 2023.  Dan has an extensive background in the security industry and has spent decades serving in law enforcement and the military.  Dan’s vision for GuardLogic is to change the reputation of unarmed security. 


Marcus J. Sell

Chief Financial Officer

Marcus serves as the CFO for GuardLogic and oversees the logistical processes for the company.  The continued growth of these processes has let the company ensure quality at scale and gives clients the peace of mind they've come to expect.  Although Marcus spends most of his time with numbers and spreadsheets, he believes the greatest capital is undoubtedly found in the members of the GuardLogic family.  

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